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About Unique Physique

At Unique Physique we work hard and play hard. Our main aim is to offer a local gym that is big enough to have all the quality equipment the member needs yet is small enough to care! The “personal touch” is what we aim to provide to each and every individual member, unlike the bigger corporate gyms who both get you on their books and leave you to struggle on your own unless you pay for a service, or often provide you with in-experienced staff who can’t always give you the correct advice.

At Unique Physique we guarantee you will be looked after, cared for, treated individually and given the correct advice through years of experience. Whether you are looking to lose weight, to build your muscles or stay in good health, we will help you reach your desired goals.

Our Benefits:

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  • At Unique Physique you will benefit from quality equipment, sauna, tanning cabins and excellent condition changing room facilities.

  • For added motivation and inspiration you can try our popular personal training service. Having your own personal trainer is a sure way to get lasting results and the incentive to stay on track with your healthy eating and your fitness goals, which are the main ingredients to success.

  • You can benefit from our Mixed Martial Arts School, with professional qualified trainers you will become more focused, stronger disciplined and will definitely be able to defend yourself if you need to.

  • And with our competitive prices you really have no excuses for not joining in.

Look Your Best:

A healthy diet combined with regular exercise still remains the most effective method for keeping weight off long term. Remember, feeling good about your body shape and how your clothes fit is much more important than what the scales say! At UNIQUE PHYSIQUE we will encourage you to motivate yourself by focusing on all the benefits of lifestyle management allowing you to have more energy and improving your body shape and health leading to a happier and more fulfilled you.

Feel Your Best:

Today we are more aware of the benefits of exercise, a good diet and a healthy lifestyle more than ever before. At unique Physique we help people to achieve a more productive training, through a regular exercise routine that you will enjoy. Fitness activities contribute more to a healthy older age than any other lifestyle factor. It helps control blood pressure, bodyweight, and cholesterol.

It reduces the risk of heart disease like diabetes, osteoporosis, arthritis and certain cancers, but most importantly it helps you stay fit for important things like a football game with the lads, active games with your children, the ability to carry that special girl into the house.

Our fitness levels dictate our life, so at Unique Physique our team of experts will help you sleep better, look and feel better and will help you get the energy and vitality you need to live your life to the full.

At UNIQUE PHYSIQUE we are here to show you how success is the sum of small efforts repeated day in day out.