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Mixed Marshal Arts

At Unique Physique you can benefit from joining the Mixed Martial Arts classes.

We pride ourselves on providing a constantly evolving syllabus, in a pleasant and friendly atmosphere. Anyone is welcome to train with us, whether a complete, some experience in another martial art or an experienced mixed martial artist.

All of our training is tailored towards to mixed martial arts competition, but as a part of our syllabus we train submission grappling (no gi BJJ), boxing/thai boxing and wrestling– although we will only train what we feel works in real mma competition.

We also recognise the importance of fitness, and its part in becoming a rounded mixed martial artist and as such have classes dedicated to MMA fitness training.

Out MMA training is fun, practical and most importantly hard work!

We train what works

Our training is built with 3 principal in mind:

  • Get your basics right, the rest is easy: We strongly believe that developing a solid mixed martial arts / submission grappling / striking game is good fundamentals.

  • If it doesn’t work, don’t do it: Our second principal is that if you can’t make a technique work in a live drill, then remove it from your game.

  • Leave your ego at the door: Our final and perhaps most important principal highlights that we don’t tolerate egos and bad attitudes in our training. Everyone needs to be respectful and considerate.

View our class schedule or contact us for further information.

Classes on timetable marked [Fundamentals] are suitable for complete beginners and contain no sparring.
All other classes are mixed ability and a basic knowledge is assumed, these classes contain technique training, light contact and technical sparring drills.