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Choosing a gym in Burton


There are many gyms in Burton, some small, some large. Some cheap some expensive, but which one is the right one? When choosing a gym you need to give it a little thought, as you will be agreeing to a contract and will be legally bound to pay a monthly fee whether you attend or not, so a good gym should make you feel motivated to attend regularly.

To find a suitable gym, we advise you to consider following:

Equipment, hours, classes, location, cleanliness, staff, members, fees.

Gym Equipment

You will know why you are joining the gym, so you will need to make sure your gym will support those needs. Gym equipment will need to match your skills and provide the relevant support. It has to support your current fitness level but has a potential to be adapted to higher fitness needs as you will progress with time.

Gym in Burton

Gym Hours

Your gym hours would need to match your personal availability. If you know that you will only be able to workout late in the evenings, your gym will need to have late opening hours. Likewise if you want to start your day at the gym, you need to make sure your gym will open bright and early.

Gym Classes

There are many places in Burton that offer fitness classes, from boxing to MMA you can find something that suits you. If you are joining a gym for classes you need to make sure that the classes’ timetable will match your personal availability, to make sure you can actually attend the classes you like. Also it is a good idea to meet your instructor and confirm that they will cater for your particular fitness level. Try to attend a class before you join, most good gyms will let you have a trial day or would have a pay-as-you-go option. Trying out your future gym will take the worry of the unknown away.

Gym Location

There are many local gyms in Burton as well as the corporate gyms in town. When you choose your gym make sure it is easy to get to and it has a car park if you drive or a public transport route if you don’t. Your gym needs to be accessible, otherwise you will have an excuse for not going.

Gym Cleanliness

This should really go without saying. A dirty gym is a health risk to its members and we wouldn't recommend you to join a gym like that.

Gym Staff

You have to agree that helpful motivating staff will make your day. A smile, professional advice and a positive attitude will make a massive difference and will in an instant, put you in a good mood. Attentive staff will give you a reason to love exercising and can turn you into a gym ambassador.

Gym Members

Just like with the staff, you don’t want to feel uncomfortable with the people around you. You don’t want to feel intimidated or demotivated, so look around when you are having a tour around the gym. It is a good idea to attend your induction at the same time as you are planning to attend it after you join. This will help you evaluate how crowded the gym will be when you will workout and will allow you to check equipment availability.

Gym fees and membership cost

Last but never the least; you need to make sure you can afford your gym. Read your contract through, read your contract terms and conditions to make sure there are no hidden charges, joining fees or any other fees that you might not be aware of. As once you sign the contract you will be obligated to commit to it for the agreed term. A good gym will help you get or stay fit, it will keep you healthy and will make it fun. Unique Physique is a friendly family run gym that listens to its members helps them get more out of their workout. We offer great service at a very reasonable price. If you are looking for a gym in Burton, check us out, you will be pleasantly surprised. To find more info or to schedule your taster session on our website.

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