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Raising money for charity.


  Due to high popularity and the huge success of last year’s charity support on Ramadan, we have decided to repeat it this year and managed to raise an amazing £1083 in support of poor people all over the world. Raising money for charity   The idea came from our team member that was fasting for Ramadan. He suggested that most people in the Muslim community will be fasting, so they will feel less energetic during the day and it would be great if there could be a place in Burton that would be open during late hours.   We kept our gym open until 2am for 1 month of fasting all the way through to Ramadan. We have opened doors to members and their non-members friends and asked for a donation to train after hours. Members loved the idea, the word spread around and we even had visitors from Birmingham training with us.   It was a positive experience for everyone. Events like this help people of our community to bond and learn more about the diversity of the culture in Burton-on-Trent, while supporting those in need.   We want to thank everyone who got involved and supported us for the second year running. We hope we will have an opportunity to repeat it again next year.   If you have done something amazing for a charity recently or know someone else who has, we would like to hear from you, both members and non-members, go to our Facebook page and tell us your story. To visit our Facebook page please click here.

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