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14 Mar

Exercise with Burton Gym

By: Anna McGroggan – Categories: – March 14, 2014

So we are back with the next exercise move, hope you are trying it out at the gym. Dumbell Press 1. Lie on your back and lift the dumbells just above your chest. 2. Press the dumbells so your arms are fully extended and touch in the middle. 3. Lower the dumbells back to your (more…)

30 Jan

Choosing a gym in Burton

By: Anna McGroggan – Categories: – January 30, 2014

There are many gyms in Burton, some small, some large. Some cheap some expensive, but which one is the right one? When choosing a gym you need to give it a little thought, as you will be agreeing to a contract and will be legally bound to pay a monthly fee whether you attend or (more…)

14 Oct

Exercise with our gym

By: Anna McGroggan – Categories: – October 14, 2013

Due to high demand, as of this month we are starting our new exercise of the month feature. Many of you were asking for some exercise tips, so we listened and asked our lovely personal trainer to come up with some great exercises. So get involved, exercise with us and share your exercise experience with (more…)

15 Sep

Raising money for charity.

By: Anna McGroggan – Categories: – September 15, 2013

  Due to high popularity and the huge success of last year’s charity support on Ramadan, we have decided to repeat it this year and managed to raise an amazing £1083 in support of poor people all over the world.   The idea came from our team member that was fasting for Ramadan. He suggested (more…)